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so ...we have finally released our 4th Album ....  we recorded it in our little log cabin studio deep in the Portsade mountains..   You can see a couple of live versions of two of the songs on album in the videos below..


The album also includes " The Grave Diggers Lament" and "How Long" ..both of which are featured on our video page.....

We would also like to formally welcome the formidable guitaring chops of Mr Brian Powell to our little number..

many thanks to Daniel Marcus Clarke for sorting out the after dark sessions for us and to the inimatable Sam Walker for sitting in on drums for us ..x

our latest album " THE LONESOME LOSING BLUES "  has been getting some great reviews ...


.. and it has also recently graced the pages of "Q" , "MAVERICK " , "fROOTs" and "R2 ROCK n REEL".

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